We have begun our venture out into the world, and we would like to welcome you into our  daily journeys.  Through video, writing, and photographs, we will be keeping everyone up-to-date on the ins-outs-triumphs-struggles-victories-stumbles on our path to bring our music/words/message to the entire globe!  Keep in touch!


jbro and tiger


6 responses to “REACHING…

  1. Greetings Yall,

    It sounds like yall are having a wonderful time. I love Anita also, so I know to be able to see her for free, has got to be incredible. Do me a favor, when you see LadySmith and Spear, take a deep cleansing breath and then send it this way.



  2. will do raffini!

  3. Carolyn Thomas-Davis

    I am sooo happy for you guys! Tiger I feel the tears at the Anita Show Sis!!! Enjoy Life and Continue to Enjoy Eachother! This City has lost two very precious souls to NYC! Do Not Stay Away Too Long!!

    Love is Love,


  4. Sorry I ‘missed’ your goodbyes! I guess Text messaging don’t work anymore for you high tech ar-teests now!! You know I have nothin’ but love for you both, Ghislane…remember where you are at all times (don’t get lost!) and Jon, don’t forget about my’boy Tre. Speaking of which…still waiting on YOUR seeds, hint, hint!

  5. You both are truly wonderful!!! Hope your journeys are full of life and blessings!!! Those Brooklyn Vids are crazy energtic!!! Love you Both!!! Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation!!! Be Love!!!

  6. Greetings YA’ll!

    I misplaced Your card but so glad to see You here!!
    I’ll check You out when I’m set up for the interview! Continue to Ride the Wave! Manifest At Will!!
    Enjoy NYC!

    Creatrix of Wombatics!

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