Brooklyn Travels – these are the good times!

We have been in NYC since last Tuesday, and so far things have been amazing!   Since arriving, we have been all over the city at workshops, concerts, and events.  On Wednesday, we hung out with CHALI2NA and ACEYALONE at a FREE Myspace show at SANTOS’ PARTY HOUSE.  Aceyalone was an impressive live performer with amazing vocal/lyrical stamina and gymnastics.  Chali2NA did his thing!  It was pleasure to meet him as well.  He was one of the most down-to-earth cats you could ever meet.  Check out his latest video LOCK S**T DOWN w/ Talib Kweli.

Last night, we saw Anita Baker at Wingate Field for FREE!  Only in NYC baby!  What can I say about Ms. Anita Baker? Her music is like soulful zen mediation.  Each note and riff sent ripples through my body.  Ghislaine was so touched, tears started to flow.  No joke!  We have been waiting to see her for years.  Every time we tried to go, we either didn’t have the money, or the time, so last night’s show was an incredible blessing that we will never forget.

Last Saturday, we hung out at a Block Party in front of the apartment where Ghislaine grew up.  The grills were burning, the music was blasting, the ganja was blazing, the children were playing, and the vibes were high.  It made me imagine and wonder what New York Block Parties must have been like when hip hop was in its infancy.  ELECTRICITY!

Check out this video of Trini band Natural Expression, rocking for the people!

The music was so energetic, and the vibes were so high, it inspired this dude to rejoice and give his praises on the spot!

Tomorrow we are going to a FREE LADY SMITH BLACK MAMBAZO show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. And Thursday it’s Burning Spear FREE in Prospect Park.  Incredible!


4 responses to “Brooklyn Travels – these are the good times!

  1. You two are SO MISSED! Though it sounds like you are doing a million amazing things so I am happy for you – but still sad for us! Much love – Cristina

  2. so when you gonna make that move out to jersey man!!! Gotta come see the little one, she isn’t soo little and she is running things….and us, ragged.
    Glad to see you 2 are making moves and making them together! Keep reaching.
    shout me out whenever…love y’all. k, eva & lu

  3. Yeah man, I heard about them free concerts…I was trying to think how I would get G up there…welp mission accomplished I guess! lol

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