I don’t believe that GOD gives you enemies to teach you lessons, you are given family. Enemies are treacherous, conniving, and plain old mean. Family loves you, but love ain’t always pretty. However, love always secures itself to your greater good, your higher self. The issue is we haven’t been taught how to cultivate love, harness it, hone it towards our elevated placement. Therefore, our end result can be good intentions with baggages of drama. There is an urgency right now for us all to do the work, let go, love, and move ahead. Or rather, move into true love, one without judgement, suspicion and doubt. CREATOR, knows all things. Trusting and surrender are principle that we have been educated into thinking as weak and childish. Let us remember, however, it has been written that the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven is to be as a child. Learn the lessons in the people that reflect who you are. Observing the family at play around us is a great way to educate yourself about your self. Be happy and loving get upset, cry, let it all out! Everything is working towards your highest placement surrender to compassion and love, it takes a lot more guts then we think.


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