VLOG #3: Leaving BK – Early Sunday morning

We recorded this on Sunday, August 2, before heading to Central Falls, RI for a marathon (!) 12-hour studio session with MISTA L…the muzik is coming along nicely!  Stay posted for some links to new material…


2 responses to “VLOG #3: Leaving BK – Early Sunday morning

  1. You guys are da shitttttt!!!!!!! I think this idea is hot, and I DEFINITELY look forward to seeing how everything is turning out with y’ all adventures. Maybe at some point I will drive/fly out to join Y’all at one of your pit stops (it will be more like a much needed vacation on my part!)

    May god continue to bless you guys on ur journey…..


  2. We Love Riders Against the Storm!!!! Fi true! Thank you for blessing our humble home with your crazy dope energy and talent. Your visit made us believe even more that hip hop when done from the heart can strengthen us as a family. Much love and well wishes on your journeys!

    Eli Efi + Laylo

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