What the heck is a Yurt? Two days on the Black Oaks Center Campus


We arrived in Chcago on Friday, August 7.   The next day, we went to the Bud Billiken Parade (see Southside Chi-town stand up post).  After a full-day of watching the parade, and checking out some performances we headed out to the Black Oaks Center Eco campus for a few days of outdoor inspiration.  As some of you may/may not know, we are very interested in moving towards more sustainable/earth-friendly way of life.

In January, we started the website ITZAGOODLOOK.COM to begin to promote a way of living that will benefit our future seven generations.  As artists, we intend to use our work to inform and inspire our audience to connect more deeply with the earth that we have been given.  Our lives are short, but we should not live like there is no tomorrow.  The decisions that we make today have a profound affect on those that come behind us.  Materialism and consumerism have created addictions to behaviors that are leading us down a very dangerous road, with a steep, slick slope.

But, there is hope for humanity.  There is possibility.  There is inspiration and beauty.  There are people working hard to create space(s) for an alternative.  During a two-day stay at the Black Oaks Center for Sustainability, we planted a garden full of cabbage, collards, and sage, and raised a roof onto the Betty Shabazz Community Yurt.

What is a yurt? Well, it’s basically a big tent, made of wood (see image above).  Check out the video of us helping to put the tarp/roof over the wooden structure:


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