So far…

We haven’t been gone that long. Officially, we moved out of our Providence apartment July 1st. It is now August 14. It was almost Friday the 13th. This day stirs up so much pseudo fright. It reminds me of how much things haven’t changed. There has always been pseudo fright, beauty full dancing, art that makes you say WTF!?, corruption, sex, v.i.p. sections, dessert, and someone with answer and a way out. This trip, thus far, has taught me nothing is new under the sun. We love who need, we need who we love, some people live on the surface, some people are sent here to dig deep in hopes others will follow. I am also learning nail polish is just as important to my life as the to-do list I forgot to do. There will always be great people and people you don’t get. Who ever we are, I am glad that we have come so far.


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