It’s not what you do, but what you learn from doing…

I just spent about seven hours in a U-Haul storage unit today.  Tiger and I have to get all of our stuff into boxes before we put it on the Amtrak train down to Austin.  Amtrak stipulations require each box to be no more than 50 lbs, so we had a good deal of shifting to do with our Tetris storage pile.  If it can’t fit into a box (no bigger than 3′ x 3′) we can’t put it on the train.  So, basically, whatever doesn’t fit into a box (of 50 lbs. of less), will hopefully fit into our trustworthy 1995 Subaru Legacy station wagon, or  it will  be staying somewhere in RI (hopefully with a friend that can use whatever it is).

As I sit typing this, my back is stiff and sore from lifting boxes, and twisting my slim-jim-esque frame in awkward directions.   I am at RISD with Aya Pogrebinski.  She is sitting next to me editing our upcoming video for “In Tha Light” (more on that in a future post).  We are close to the end of our ‘BIG MOVE.’  I am tired and excited for everything that is to come.

The ‘doing’ (see Post title) of this process got me thinking today.  For the past four months, Tiger and I have pretty much been living out of our car – sleeping on friend’s couches/air mattresses, outdoors, wherever.  We haven’t had access to most of our ‘stuff’ because it has been tucked in boxes, out of reach, in storage.  Now, we are burdened with the chore of moving it, and I am questioning why I am even bothering.  Do I/we really even need any of it?

As I lifted the last item into the storage space  today and closed the door, I realized that just about everything I was spending so much time packing and moving across country, I could really and truly live without.  So why am I ‘doing’ it?  I guess there is attachment.  I have a need to carry these things with me.  Even though it’s going to cost close to $1,000 to move it, I am working my ass-off trying to figure out a way to drag it down there to Austin.

What have I learned?  It is hard to let go of things that you manage to collect over time.  No matter what, you can always come up with a reason to keep that souvenir, poster, t-shirt, paper weight, CD, old-worn-out baseball glove.  We had a yard sale, gave things away to friends, threw stuff out, and still, there is a whole heap of ‘stuff’ to carry.  Right now, it feels like a weight.  And, I am hoping to overcome my need to hold on…..

peace and love,



One response to “It’s not what you do, but what you learn from doing…

  1. oooh, honey! I hear what you are saying about that struggle: what we really can live w/o, and what we feel compelled to carry with us.
    I like this track!
    And, as we get ready for FUNDA, your presence is sorely missed!
    Prayers of peace and many blessings.

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