Finally!  When we left Rhode Island in December, we left with the knowledge that our album was complete.  We spent 3 months (From September to November) going back and forth to Neil ‘Mista L’ Letendre’s home studio in Central Falls, living out of our packed car, and sleeping on people’s couches to record/finalize the last few songs and mix-down Speak The Truth.  Each studio session was intense because we felt there was so much at stake.  There was no time to waste, and so much to get done each time we went in.

Knowing that we needed to leave for Austin made things even more intense because there was so much unknown ahead of us.  Regardless, our focus remained.   Tiger and I were both thinking, “just finish the album – everything else will fall into place after that.”   Despite teaching full-time, and going through the chaos of closing on a new house, as things got down to the wire, Mista L worked overtime to mix songs and help with vocal arrangements.  We all were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, the album is sitting here in our hands – a labor of love, a labor of faith, and a labor of perseverance.  There were many times throughout this 4-year journey when Tiger and I thought we should just stop.  We thank our friends and families for giving us the encouragement to keep going.  Everyone, from those that offered us couches to sleep on, to those that  helped us raise money so we could ship our belongings, made this album possible.

Energy was the final song recorded for the album.  It also happens to be the final song of the album.  Right now, our energy is through the roof when we look back and realize how much energy and love was poured into what you will hear soon.  The physical CD is the physical representation of our most recent journey through life.

It is an amazing feeling to hold it in our hands now, knowing what what into each song.  Yes, we released an album in 2005 (EVERYBODY DIG).

But this is different.

We are born again with this effort. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.  Our time is now!

Much love,



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