My thoughts on the review – by Jbro

We have heard from a bunch of fans about our review on OKAYPLAYER.COM, and I would just like to sling a few thoughts into cyberspace.  First, we should always look at the positive y’all.  The fact remains that the album was reviewed – and that means more people are hearing about our music.  Did I think the reviewer really listened to the album?   No, not really.  That was clear in the vagueness of many of his statements about SPEAK THE TRUTH.  But again, any news/press is good news/press.

Second, let’s use this as an opportunity to get more reviews.  My people, we need publicity AND press to get this work heard.  OKAYPLAYER isn’t the only hip hop site out there.  If you know a blogger, if you are a blogger, or you just want to call a friend, SPREAD THE WORD.  WE ARE the ‘reviewers’ that make a difference, not D.L. Chandler (reviewer from OKAYPLAYER).  Message: be vigilant.  Promote and invest in work that inspires you.  If RAS music inspires you, allow that inspiration to fuel some action.  That action can be anything from a tweet, to a post on Facebok, an email to a few friends, an email campaign to everyone you know, a phone call, or just putting a RAS sticker on your car.  It doesn’t matter what you do, but please, if you are inspired, do something to help us expand  awareness about this album!

Finally, in the words of the ‘hip hop oracle’ from the OKAYPLAYER review, “Here’s the storm. Now you got to ride it out.”  Through this music, we are creating our own storm, building a way of life, manifesting new realities, and building faith in the process.

We love y’all.

Thanks again for everything that you do.

Peace and Light,



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