RAS was blessed with the opportunity to work for BET’s THE DEAL during SXSW 2010.  The gig with BET required us to interview Texas rappers Chamillionaire, Challie Boy, Paul Wall, Dorrough, and Trae Tha Truth.  Despite his enormous popularity throughout Texas and beyond, Tiger and I were entirely unaware of who Trae Tha Truth was until we met him at the Chamillionaire/Paul Wall show (SXSW: La Zona Rosa).

Despite our ignorance, Trae’s presence was immediately felt when he came through the backstage door with an entourage of at least 20 people behind him – straight Presidential status.  It seemed like everybody and their momma wanted to either shake his hand or take a quick photo with him.  He just smiled and welcomed all of the folks that came around.  In fact, when he left the backstage area to perform, his energy seemed to magnetically pull about 80% of the 100 or so of the backstage guests with him.  It was like a ghost town while he was rocking.

After his set, RAS had a chance to sit down with him and chop it up about his music, how/why he gives back to the ‘hood, and Houston rap/hip hop.  During our interview, Trae gave us a personal invitation to come down to “tha H” and kick it for a few days.  It just so happened that we were scheduled to perform at a Critical Resistance fundraiser in Houston only a week later.  As they say, timing is everything, right?

We rocked the fundraiser, and called Trae the next morning to see what was going down.  We met up a day later, and the rest is history.

Traveling with Trae was like having a key to the city.  He showed us mad love, and really went out of his way to be hospitable.  We shot more than 5 hours of footage during our three-day visit.  Over the next few days, we will be sharing this video with you.  The footage documented is a raw, uncut look into the man they call TRAE THA TRUTH.  We hope you learn something through the eyes of the camera.


TRAE vs. 97.7 FM

Recently, Trae has been in the headlines due to an ongoing feud with 97.7 fm: ‘Houston’s Home for the Hip Hop Community.’  To learn more about the drama that has ensued, check out this open letter written by Matt Sonzala of

“…When I heard about 97.9 The Box (KBXX) banning Trae tha Truth, I honestly brushed it off. Fact of the matter is, Trae has the support of the streets of Houston. And I figured that an MC of his stature in the community probably doesn’t really even need a station like The Box….”   READ MORE


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