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The best MCs are Geminis?!

Leaders of the NEW SCHOOL!

Tiger Lily’s b(earth)day is May 21…coincidence?!  LOL!

The Best MCs Are Geminis

Wednesday May 28 7:53 AM CDT posted by xxl staff

Not that any of you care, but Andre “3000” Benjamin and Jadakiss celebrated their born day yesterday. They’re Geminis.

Lauryn Hill blew her birthday candles just two days before on the 25hth. Sigh! I miss Lauryn. I really wish somebody would give her her mind back for her birthday. Anyway, my homie JT is celebrating his bday this weekend and he told me he was thinking about putting together an all-Gemini playlist for the event. It turns out that Geminis have some of the illest emcees to ever do it. See what the homie Jesus had to say and then see for yourselves.

-Havoc Of Mobb Deep (May 21)
-The Notorious B.I.G. (May 21)
-Heavy D (May 24)
-Lauryn Hill (May 25)
-Andre “3000″ Benjamin (May 27)
-Jadakiss (May 27)
-Remy Ma (May 30)
-Big L (May 30)
-Kanye West (June 8)
-Ice Cube (June 15)
-Tupac Shakur (June 16)
-Pete Rock (June 21)

Damn! Lauryn Hill is the sickest female lyricist of all time. Pete Rock is one of the dopest producers ever. Biggie, Pac, Cube and Andre 3 Stacks are arguably all among the Top 10 greatest MCs of all time and Jadakiss, Big L and Kanye are pretty sick themselves. I remember hearing Kanye say that geminis had the most geniuses. Well, I’m not sure I would call any of these cats geniuses, but they sure are lethal with the pen. I’m wondering what other sign gives Geminis a run for their money. It could be Libras. Them dudes got all types of dudes like T.I., Lil Wayne and some legendary old school MCs if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure there are some bum Gemini MCs out there, but this lineup is pretty solid. Can you guys list anything better off top? If so, list a sign with a better 12-man squad. Speak on it.


Lauryn Hill set to headline ROCK THE BELLS 2010!

Say what?!  Say what?!  Yup, that’s right!  Get ready y’all!  I know these shows are going to sell out in about 5 minutes!  Get your credit cards ready!!!!

Everything is Everything...

Story taken from

Lauryn Hill is ready to rock. reports that not only is the former Fugees member set to headline this year’s Rock the Bells tour but her setlist will include the entire tracklisting to her 1998 debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Reps for Rock the Bells are expected to make the official announcement tonight (May 24) at the Key Club in West Hollywood, along with all of the other acts that were booked.

Last year Nas and Damian Marley topped the bill along with a roster that included Common, The Roots, Big Boi, KRS-One, House of Pain, Reflection Eternal, Rza, Raekwon, Slaughterhouse and M.O.P., among others.

The tour, now in it’s seventh year, will hit dates across in North America and overseas throughout the summer.

Elan Mancini

Last night…Aceyalone and Riddlore show (May 29)

Riddlore (of C.V.E.)

Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship

Just had to send a shout out to two INCREDIBLE emcees that we had the pleasure of rocking with last night: Aceyalone and Riddlore.  I am still familiarizing myself with their deep volumes of work, but maaaan these two are for real.  Lyricism for days, and that ‘knowing’ that can only come from putting in work, paying dues, and putting your heart into the craft.  This is not a ‘game.’  It is a culture.  Thank you Riddlore and Aceyalone for the reminder.  And, peace to my peoples from Crew 54.  You guys got heart man.  I can’t wait to work more with y’all!



P.S. – Thanks to DJ STATIK for putting this all together!

Talib Kweli performs BALLAD OF THE BLACK GOLD on Jimmy Fallon show…

Interesting that Jimmy Fallon shouted out a soldier in the crowd before Talib’s performance (backed by the Legendary Roots Crew)


Kweli's new album 'Revolutions Per Minute' in STORES NOW!

People telling me that this album is FIYA!  I am waiting to hear it.  Stay tuned for an album review soon….

Three shows this weekend (May 28 + 29)!

Friday, May 28

9:00 PM

Gidon The Mighty Warrior’s TERMINATOR mixtape release party

ND 501 Studios – 501 I-35 (on Brushy between 5th and 6th St.)


Saturday, May 29

9:00 PM

88.7 KAZI fm and MUSICALITY present…

R&B/Hip Hop Showcase

RUTA MAYA3601 South Congress Avenue


10:00 PM

ACEYALONE & RIDDLORE – featuring RAS, Blacklisted Individuals, Crew 54…

CHUPACABRA  CANTINA – 400 E. 6th Street

CHECK THE LEVELS: Lil Randy offers a peoples’ history of DJ SCREW

The Legendary DJ SCREW is a world-renowned innovator.

If you are like us, and from the North, you might not have heard of DJ SCREW.  I remember first hearing about ‘chopped and screwed’ music when all the Swissha House artists were making noise for Houston, but I didn’t know much about DJ SCREW’s legend until we sat down with Lil Randy, member of the infamous S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click).  In this CHECK THE LEVELS interview, Lil Randy describes the history of the man behind the myth.  It was amazing to sit back and hear how DJ SCREW put his Southern twist on hip hop, and in turn, changed the face of rap music in the South (and around the globe) forever.  A true innovator, in the  tradition of Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc, DJ SCREW (aka Robert Earl Davis, Jr.) surely carved his name in the tree of hip hop history, and even became a branch on his own.

Check it out:

CHECK THE LEVELS: Trae Tha Truth sues Radio One (part 2)

After Trae’s May 5th Press Conference, we spoke with a few of his supporters, and also got some of The Kracker Nuttz’s side of the story.  For those that don’t know, The Kracker Nuttz are a DJ crew that was fired from KBXX (in April) for playing Trae’s music during their show.  This firing was the straw that broke the camel’s back – leading to Trae’s official press conference/announcement on May 5.
Check it out: