SCARFACE (of Geto Boys) drops some jewels about why he is skipping the VH-1 Hip Hop honors this year

Scarface: A powerful lyricist and storyteller

I had much respect for this brother before, but now I have even more.  Damn that just rhymed.  I’m a natural!

In this OZONE MAGAZINE exclusive interview Scarface drops about why he felt disrespected by the upcoming “Dirty South” award recognition at this year’s Hip Hop honors show.  His thoughts are on point, in my opinion.  What do YOU think?

Ozone Exclusive: Scarface Feels “Slighted” by VH1’s “Disrespectful” Dirty South Hip Hop Honors, Will Not Attend

“I was nominated [to be honored at the Dirty South Hip Hop Honors] but I declined to accept because I don’t wanna be classified as just “Dirty South.” I’m Hip Hop, man. I’m not going because I feel slighted. Even though it was a nice gesture, I feel like it’s just a pacifier. They’re like, “Let’s give these niggas down there a pacifier so they can stop feeling left out. We’ll make Luke and all these niggas down there look funny,” you know? “Let’s put a plate of fried chicken and some watermelon and let’s just do some nigga-ass shit.” (laughs) Quote, end quote. “Some nigga-ass shit.” Fried chicken and watermelon. “Shit, the faster we get this over with, the better.”

Honoring [Uncle] Luke and James [Prince] and [Master] P and Timbaland and JD and Dungeon Family is a good thing. I don’t wanna fuck their Honors up. They helped lay the foundation. More power to ‘em. I respect what they do and I respect what they’ve done for Hip Hop, but to put us in a category is disrespectful. Why would you categorize us as “Dirty South”? Why can’t you just honor some muthafuckers from down here and leave it like that? You ain’t gotta make us look extra country. We know where we’re from and we know where you’re from. We know where Hip Hop came from, man. We’re cool with that. I’m proud to be from Houston but don’t make a mockery of my accomplishments. We’re not “dirty” down here in the South anyway. This shit down here probably cleaner than the rest of the country, cause we got grandmas down here. Our grandmas don’t play that shit.”


[VIDEO] SCARFACE and GETO BOYS address the issue of Police Brutality through music…


2 responses to “SCARFACE (of Geto Boys) drops some jewels about why he is skipping the VH-1 Hip Hop honors this year

  1. Rudy "Rudacious"

    That’s why he is one of my favorites, nuff said! One.

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