CHECK THE LEVELS: Lil Randy offers a peoples’ history of DJ SCREW

The Legendary DJ SCREW is a world-renowned innovator.

If you are like us, and from the North, you might not have heard of DJ SCREW.  I remember first hearing about ‘chopped and screwed’ music when all the Swissha House artists were making noise for Houston, but I didn’t know much about DJ SCREW’s legend until we sat down with Lil Randy, member of the infamous S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click).  In this CHECK THE LEVELS interview, Lil Randy describes the history of the man behind the myth.  It was amazing to sit back and hear how DJ SCREW put his Southern twist on hip hop, and in turn, changed the face of rap music in the South (and around the globe) forever.  A true innovator, in the  tradition of Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc, DJ SCREW (aka Robert Earl Davis, Jr.) surely carved his name in the tree of hip hop history, and even became a branch on his own.

Check it out:


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