Last night…Aceyalone and Riddlore show (May 29)

Riddlore (of C.V.E.)

Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship

Just had to send a shout out to two INCREDIBLE emcees that we had the pleasure of rocking with last night: Aceyalone and Riddlore.  I am still familiarizing myself with their deep volumes of work, but maaaan these two are for real.  Lyricism for days, and that ‘knowing’ that can only come from putting in work, paying dues, and putting your heart into the craft.  This is not a ‘game.’  It is a culture.  Thank you Riddlore and Aceyalone for the reminder.  And, peace to my peoples from Crew 54.  You guys got heart man.  I can’t wait to work more with y’all!



P.S. – Thanks to DJ STATIK for putting this all together!


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