The best MCs are Geminis?!

Leaders of the NEW SCHOOL!

Tiger Lily’s b(earth)day is May 21…coincidence?!  LOL!

The Best MCs Are Geminis

Wednesday May 28 7:53 AM CDT posted by xxl staff

Not that any of you care, but Andre “3000” Benjamin and Jadakiss celebrated their born day yesterday. They’re Geminis.

Lauryn Hill blew her birthday candles just two days before on the 25hth. Sigh! I miss Lauryn. I really wish somebody would give her her mind back for her birthday. Anyway, my homie JT is celebrating his bday this weekend and he told me he was thinking about putting together an all-Gemini playlist for the event. It turns out that Geminis have some of the illest emcees to ever do it. See what the homie Jesus had to say and then see for yourselves.

-Havoc Of Mobb Deep (May 21)
-The Notorious B.I.G. (May 21)
-Heavy D (May 24)
-Lauryn Hill (May 25)
-Andre “3000″ Benjamin (May 27)
-Jadakiss (May 27)
-Remy Ma (May 30)
-Big L (May 30)
-Kanye West (June 8)
-Ice Cube (June 15)
-Tupac Shakur (June 16)
-Pete Rock (June 21)

Damn! Lauryn Hill is the sickest female lyricist of all time. Pete Rock is one of the dopest producers ever. Biggie, Pac, Cube and Andre 3 Stacks are arguably all among the Top 10 greatest MCs of all time and Jadakiss, Big L and Kanye are pretty sick themselves. I remember hearing Kanye say that geminis had the most geniuses. Well, I’m not sure I would call any of these cats geniuses, but they sure are lethal with the pen. I’m wondering what other sign gives Geminis a run for their money. It could be Libras. Them dudes got all types of dudes like T.I., Lil Wayne and some legendary old school MCs if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure there are some bum Gemini MCs out there, but this lineup is pretty solid. Can you guys list anything better off top? If so, list a sign with a better 12-man squad. Speak on it.


One response to “The best MCs are Geminis?!

  1. You guys are so f*#$in’ wonderful! (Yes, expletive needed) I love the picture.

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