The saga continues…Trae Tha Truth vs. KBXX (aka THE BOX)

Two Houston rap legends: Trae and K-Rino sat on panel Thursday night

Power to the people!

On May 5, 2010, Trae Tha Truth held a press conference announcing his inentions to sue 97.9 KBXX (a Radio One affiliate).  This past Thursday, Trae held a community meeting to discuss his case directly with the people in the historic SHAPE CENTER (3rd Ward – Houston).


Friday, Jun. 4 2010

by Shea Serrano

Thursday night, Trae and his camp hosted a Town Hall Meeting at the Shape Community Center to open a community discussion regarding the increasingly involved Trae vs. The Box saga that seems to grow more and more surreal each day. The objective of the meeting was to a) for what might have been the first official time, allow Trae to address the situation in a public forum; and b) encourage the community to plant its feet thick in the firmament of the “I’m On Trae’s Side” grass-roots campaign. It ended with the a series of boycotts looming for 97.9 The Box. A bunch of bulleted notes from the evening for you to peruse are after the jump, including more details about the boycott.


CHECK THE LEVELS: VIDEO from Press Conference (MAY 5)

CHECK THE LEVELS: some history behind the ban of Trae’s music


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