Riders Against the Storm featured in Austin American Statesman – 6/8/10

Riders Against the Storm makes waves in rap scene

by Chad Swiatecki

It looks like they’re fighting. Or at least engaged in a confrontation marked by heightened passion.

Not with each other, mind you. These two couldn’t be more together.

Jonathan Mahone is on the right, microphone in his left hand while he crouches and jabs the air with his right, inches away from his wife, Ghislaine Jean-Mahone, who’s similarly crouched and antagonized while her husband asks atop a skittering drum beat, “Is it Katrina or Bush that brought waste to New Orleans? Is it we that gotta starve so the rich can overeat?”

The song is “Is It?” The scene is the rapidly filling outdoor stage area at Mohawk last Friday , where an hour later Chicago rapper Kid Sister knocked out the crowd that Austin rap newcomers Riders Against the Storm softened up with a mix of empowered and enlightened rhymes that’s getting the pair noticed all over town.

How noticed? Over Memorial Day weekend they opened for backpacker icon (and Hieroglyphics alum) Aceyalone at Chupacabra. On Wednesday they’ll headline the Stubb’s afterparty for Nas and Damian Marley. And later this month, they’ll take the stage at Emo’s ahead of Wu-Tang Clan veteran Raekwon.



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