(RAS) Riders Against the Storm featured on 54 Reality Show – 6/22/10

Crew 54 is a hip hop duo that click like gears in a top-of-the-line Swiss timepiece.  On stage, they become one entity – a fusion of pure straight-forward power, lyrical finesse, and unstoppable energy.  We first had the opportunity to meet them at the CIPHER ATX fundraiser on May 22, and then again at the May 29th Aceyalone show at Chupacabra Cantina.  RAS and Crew 54 were both opening for the legendary Freestyle Fellowship emcee that evening.

The chemistry between G-Christ and M.O.S. is a throwback to days when emcees knew what it meant to move a crowd.  Crew 54 ain’t just rappers spitting bars, they are artists with a lot to offer beyond music.  One of their most significant outlets of expression is the 54 REALITY SHOW which showcases local and national hip hop movements, artists, events, etc.

This past Friday, RAS attended their mixtape release party at Highball, and it was off-the-chain as usual.  Even though we were both tired from activities earlier in the day (including the Marilyn Buck fundraiser), Crew 54 did their job in raising our spirits higher, and getting our hands reaching for the heavens.  Music is truly one of life’s greatest gifts.

Recently they took a moment to highlight some of what RAS has been doing here in Austin over the last few months on their show.  Check it out:


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