I AM TROY DAVIS: 012 (Decolonize Everything…)

For the next 353 days, I will be writing entries under the title, ‘I AM TROY DAVIS.’  Moved to pick up the pen not merely by Troy Anthony Davis‘ death/execution, but more so by his life/evolution, I hope that there are those out there who can relate.  If so, we must connect.  We are already connected.  Axé.

What do you think of this image?  Can you relate?  Yesterday, I walked around all day with this poster attached to a long pole at Occupy Austin.  For some folks (Black, or otherwise), it provoked nods of approval; for others it brought confused stares.

The history of colonization has affected us all.  The use of the word ‘occupy’ to describe resistance is a part of this history.  Language is very important, and there are some other folks that explain these things very clearly.  Check out this piece from a blog called ‘Unsettling America.’  The piece is called DECOLONIZE WALL STREET.

The gates are opening.  Axé!

My name is Jonathan ‘Jbro’ Mahone, and I am one-half of (RAS) Riders Against the Storm.  I AM TROY DAVIS.


3 responses to “I AM TROY DAVIS: 012 (Decolonize Everything…)

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  2. This poster is very powerful. And I’m really enjoying your posts. Thank you for sharing your heart, mind and soul with us.

  3. Hey! Thanks Reza Wreckage! And, thanks for SHARING! I have received A LOT of encouragement and support over the last few weeks. It’s great to know that people are getting something from what I share. PEACE!

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