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I AM TROY DAVIS: 020 (Travelers Know)

For the next 345 days, I will be writing entries under the title, ‘I AM TROY DAVIS.’  Moved to pick up the pen not merely by Troy Anthony Davis‘ death/execution, but more so by his life/evolution, I hope that there are those out there who can relate.  If so, we must connect.  We are already connected.  Axé.

written on 1/2/12

travelers know

the importance of an open door.

know the significance of the journey’s call.

know open roads,

but don’t know it all.

know how to rest

when the body’s sore.

travelers know the cold

and surrender to the warmth.

travelers respect and overstand

the universal laws;

unwritten, but spoken

from a universal source.

travelers know.

can’t sit still,

or you attract mosquitoes

like a stagnant pond.

travelers know

the flow.

weren’t afraid to come;

ain’t scared to leave.

travelers know how to receive –


and give more;




we are.


over sound.


at night.


not bound.

travelers with mics.

travelers who know

when it’s time to fight.

and when it’s time to speak

travelers might,

tell you a story

to enrich your life;

and listen to yours

to enrich their own;

and share with the next one

in another time zone.

air, land, or sea

travelers roam.

like gypsies,

anywhere they land is home.

through a universe born.

through a universe returned.

travelers know.

yes, travelers know.

it’s all about the road.

yes, travelers know.

My name is Jonathan ‘Jbro Mpeanaji’ Mahone, and I am one-half of (RAS) Riders Against the Storm.  I AM TROY DAVIS.